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Cutthroat Chronicles: Whether to Worry about the Weather

As I write this I’m looking out my office window at a light dusting of snowflakes, mesmerized - and distracted - by how lazily they carousel to the ground. The flakes are just part of the umpteenth snow storm this winter - a winter of almost more snow than I remember. My whole life’s been in Utah. I grew up on the side of a mountain in a rural part of the state. This was a place where orchards, ranches, and farms were the way of life, a far cry from the Silicon Slopes of north...


Casting Tips - Dealing with Wind

Do you have trouble casting in the wind or are you heading down to the salt this year? Practicing your cast and adapting to changing weather are a few of the largest factors to make your next trip more of a success. Check out this video from Deneki Outdoors and Tim Rajeff to get some pointers for casting in the wind.


Fishing with Fabel: Favorite Trout of 2016, and Goals for 2017

I have to admit 2016 was a great year for me and trout on the fly. I wasted no time catching my first trout on New Years of 2016, a little Bonneville Cutthroat through a gap in a lake covered with ice. I caught nearly every trout species Utah has to offer and fished the majority of every day the year had to offer. I want to mention a few catches that stood out to me and always will. These trout were by no means the largest of the year but their location, difficulty, colors, or memory made an ...

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Save The Date: The 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour

The 2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour It's that time of year once again. The F3t is making it's annual pilgrimage to the Salt Lake Valley. For one night only, the crew will be screening this years submissions. Discount Tickets (no additional fees) are available locally in advance at Fishwest Fly Shop for $15 Dollars. Come join us and our friends from the Utah Stream Access Coalition for this great annual evening. If you are on the fence about coming down to the festivites, check out the ...


Fly Tying Tutrial: Spawning Gotcha

The parts list Hook: Tiemco 811S size 2 - 8 Thread: 3/0 - 6/0 in desired color Eyes: Medium Bead Chain Body & Tail: Pearl Diamond Braid Spawn Sack: Orange Marabou Wing: Tan Craft Fur Bonefish! Fishwest is hosting a trip to the Andros South Lodge to hopefully become close friends with plenty of bonefish! With that in mind here is a step by step fly tying tutorial on the "Spawning Gotcha" First lay down a base layer of thread, then a...

Gear Reviews

Cutthroat Chronicles: Gear Review - Sage X 590

A good buddy of mine, who’s a guide on the Green River in Utah, makes fun of me for being such a “gear nut.” Apparently, even a professional guide thinks having 14 fly rods is about 8 too many. That’s just the number of rods I currently own. I’ve fished and owned nearly 30 rods over the past few years. From the Scott Radian (I fished it for all of 4 hours) to the Winston AIR, Sage MOD, and a ton of Redington sticks, rods tend to blur together after a while. I...

Gear Reviews

Cutthroat Chronicles: A Year In - The Korkers Devil's Canyon Wading Boots

Ever since I started fly fishing, I’ve used Korkers boots. At first it was due to their lower-priced boots still being fabulous but as time went on I realized just how solid Korkers boots are. My favorite pair so far has been the Devil’s Canyon, a model I wrote a review of in Hatch Magazine a little over a year ago. At the time of the review, I’d had the boots for a few weeks. That’s one of the biggest problems with boot reviews these days - writers rarely have the...


Adaptability and Preparation - Key To Any Fly Fishing Trip

Every year I try and plan a multiday trip where I am off by myself fishing without any phones, email, kids, or other distractions. Some years I hike and fish, while others I take a road trip and try a bunch of new spots. This year in May I decided to do a road trip with my new fishing kayak to fly-fish for northern pike at a few prairie reservoirs. I took time off of work months in advance, and tied up flies and leaders in eager anticipation. When the time came to hit the road, it was snowing...


Cutthroat Chronicles: The 10 Commandments of a Good Fly Box

I was out fishing over Labor Day weekend (something I usually avoid doing, due to crowds, but this year it was unfortunately my only free time to fish) when I noticed something. Of the 7 fly boxes I carry in my vest (Tacky Boxes, which you can buy here) I find myself consistently reaching for two boxes. One has my small dries, sizes 18-32, and the other contains sizes 4-16. So why am I lugging around 500+ flies when I’m only fishing the same few patterns in various sizes?



Fly Fishing Across The Globe: An Interview With Hanna Huhtala

I've often wondered how the art of fly fishing translates across the globe into foreign waters. I've always been intrigued by the possible similarities and differences it takes hold of through cultural variances. That curiosity lead me to reach out to one of the most passionate female anglers I have been exposed to through social media, Hanna Huhtala. Aside from the impeccable photography that captures Hanna's fly fishing diary, her passion and love for the outdoors is nothing sho...


Fishing with Fabel: Winter Brookies

It's a really great and awful time of year for us fly fisherman. Frozen eyelets are happening and it's getting a little bit harder to tie those knots with our bare hands. It means some really good and bad things for fly fishing. First, the bad. Most of my favorite places to fish are high country alpine lakes above 11,000 ft in elevation that are well under a couple feet of snow and ice right now. It forces me to fish lower and work more on creek and river systems that have a flow and ...

Gear Reviews

Cutthroat Chronicles : My Favorite Winter Streamer Patterns

I’ve fly fished for a long time. I think I started at the tender age of six or seven, but I don’t remember the first time I threw a fly rod. What I do remember, though, is my grandfather telling me that if a fish wasn’t caught on a dry fly, it didn’t count. He’d then proceed to sit me next to his tying desk at home and watch as he cranked out elk hair caddis after elk hair caddis. He tied commercially for 27 years and unless a customer specifically asked for a ph...


Sight Fishing In The Snow

Most stories about sight fishing take place somewhere like Florida or the Bahamas, where the sun is shining and it’s warm outside. This story took place in Manitoba’s Parkland region, a world class destination for stillwater trout. Don’t take my word for it, however, since Manitoba is my home province. Type “Manitoba Parkland fly fishing” into Google and see what comes up! Besides those in the story, there are many spectacular lakes nestled in and around rolling ...

Gear Reviews

Cutthroat Chronicles: Gear Review - Winston Energy Fly Line

Fly lines are often overlooked by anglers when setting up a new outfit. The reel and rod are obviously important, but good fly line makes a rod perform that much better. For example: I’d never use a true-to-weight line on a Sage MOD or Bolt. Both of those rods are stiff enough to warrant a heavier line, like the MPX series from Scientific Anglers. So when fishing a medium-fast action rod it makes sense to use a line closer to the AFFTA standards for line and rod weight.


Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Sage Mod Spey Two-Handed Rod

It is the eve of my last steelhead trip of 2016, in a few hours we will be headed to Idaho to fish the Salmon River which I suppose would be considered my home water for steelhead fishing. 2016 was the year of the steelhead for me with my season starting in mid September with a trip to the Bulkley River in British Columbia and that trip was closely followed by a trip to the Northwest where I was able to explore the North Umpqua around the famous Steamboat Inn areas. Since I was introduced...

Destination Travel

Fly Fishing for Permit

When fly fishing in saltwater, there are numerous species, each with its own allure. The aerial acrobatics of tarpon, the spooky invisibility of bonefish, the freight train pull of a jack crevalle. But the one fish that seems to cause more addictive behavior in fly fisher people is the permit. The black tailed devil has sparked more obsessions than any other. The Trachinotus falcatus is not a particularly rare or elusive fish. In our fishery in Xcalak, Mexico, they are plentiful. Now when I s...


Home Waters

You know that one stretch of stream, river, or lake that you know super well? The one that you could outfish anyone on, the one that you know all of the smallest seams as well as you know the biggest runs and pools. You may be acquaintances with a few of the local trout, even have it out for that one huge boy who has broken you off one time too many. Your own home water is somewhere that every fisherman needs, if you don't have one, you should get one. My home water is an overlooked secti...

Fly Tying

Fly Tying Tutorial: Hoover Mover - The Fly That Has Caught Plenty Of Carp

This step by step tutorial should help you tie up a new carp snack. The parts list: Gamakatsu SL45 (or similar hook) Hairline Black Bead Chain Hairline Black Barred Strips Gold Variant Hairline Barred and Speckled Crazy Legsin brown Brown thread 3/0 - 6/0 Having pictures of the parts might make it a little easier for you to identify what it is that you are looking for. These various materials can be exchanged for other colors...


Chasing Trophy Brook Trout - Montana

Catching a brook trout of trophy proportions is as difficult as it should be. The first twenty years of my brook trout fishing career where spent happily catching dozens of fish in Montana’s streams and lakes. However, after all those hours on the water, I still had not caught a trophy brook trout. Over the next few seasons I decided to make a more concentrated effort to find bigger fish, specifically a squaretail over sixteen inches. By altering my approach, I was able to repeatedly fi...

Gear Reviews

Product Review: Ross Colorado LT

Meet the newest member of the Ross Reels family. The Ross Colorado LT is the epitome of the mantra “less is more”. Looking at the specs on this family of reels I continue to be blown away by the attention to detail on this little reel. I recently picked the 3 / 4 to pair with an 884.4 G2 from Scott Fly Rods and I am really excited to start fishing it this fall just in time for the BWO’s and midges on the local waters. Check out my thoughts below:

What works: No no...