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A pioneering spirit and defiant, in-your-face attitude have been at the heart of Hatch Outdoors since inception, and it is that same stubborn drive to acheive that has brought this company to the top of the fly fishing food chain. A Hatch Finatic reel is a thing of beauty, from the almost comically diminutive 1 Plus to the impressive 12 Plus big game model. Advanced machining in their own Vista, California facility allows Hatch to create mind-bogglingly light reels that look almost too delicate to handle the stresses of fighting large gamefish...but handle them they do, and then some. Advanced design features like Stacked Disc drags and spot polishing and anodizing place Hatch at the forefront of reel technology, while old-fashioned attention to detail and US-made quality ensure you're getting every bit of what you paid for. 

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