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The Sage company was founded in 1980 and quickly made an impact in the fly fishing world with the goal of creating the world's best performance fly rods. Fast forward a few decades and Sage has long been the industry standard for premium rods. Utilizing the best available technology and designs, products such as the famous RPL gave anglers performance that was lacking in many others fly rods. Whether an angler is pursuing ten inch brookies with a tiny lightweight rod or giant tarpon with a twelve weight, there is a Sage fly rod that will shine in any category. Every year Sage pushes the industry further by advancing rod making technology and performance as well as creating new and innovative fly fishing products such as reels, packs, and clothing. Sage has grown to be recognized throughout the world and sold in fly shops accross the country.

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Dale Martens
Sage TXL-F Fly Rod
"Ultimate small stream rod!"

I have a 4 weight in the 7 foot 10 inch length. The action is crisp - it throws tight loops when you're fitting a cast under some branches and lets you stretch for extra distance when needed. Most importantly though, it loads nicely on the short casts and gives you a lot of confidence in the accuracy department. It shines with dry flies but handles small indicators with small split shot or eve
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Dale Martens
Sage Bass II Fly Rod
"More than just bass."

I have to admit that I have a Smallmouth and Largemouth in the older, yellow versions. These rods, along with the line they come with, see a great deal of use in my float tube when I am making shorter casts with poppers to all kinds of visible structure for both types of bass and also northern pike. These rods excel at this. It is not delicate casting - just rear back with a short back cast and
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