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Korkers CastTrax Wading Cleat

The new Korkers CastTrax overshoe is a great way to get more traction for any wading boot. With its quick-release buckle and strap system, you can attach the CastTrax to your boots in seconds to conquer extra slippery riverbeds. Eighteen threaded carbide spikes per foot cut through thick moss and algae to bite into even the smoothest subsurface boulders, so that you can get to untouched riffles, runs, and fish safely – even in a heavy current. The CastTrax overshoe includes 10 extra threaded carbide spikes so that you can customize them to your desired level of traction, and a spare buckle for quick riverside repairs. When you find yourself fishing in dicey terrain, look to the Korkers CastTrax overshoe to give you unprecedented traction.

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