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Rio Leader Wallet


The RIO Leader Wallet, though small in size has enough room for your variety of leaders. Twelve pockets are made from re-sealable plastic so your leaders stay in place and organized. Sporting a burgundy Cordura exterior, the wallet also features a Velcro closure at the top to keep your leaders safe and secure.


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Rio Leader Wallet Reviews

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Dale Martens
Details "I'm a bit of an organization geek and I love it..."

This is great for keeping your leaders, MOW tips, and/or VersaLeaders organized and easy to find. It gives you just one thing to grab if you want to transfer everything from your vest to your boat bag.
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Details "Great Organization!"

I carry a lot of leaders in my boat bag and really like this for organization. I put my mono's in one side and flouro in the other and then sharpied the specs on the zip lock storage bags. When I get low, I know right away which ones to get. It stores nice and if need be, small enough to put in my waist pack for wade fishing.
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