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Rising Nippa Clipper


Why didn't someone think of this before? Well, they didn't, lucky for us and for you we thought of dipping the time tested and proven line cutter design in grippy rubber. Also lucky that we value the eye cleaner. What are nippers for if not to cut tippet and to clean the hook so you can tie it onto the tippet again?


  • Straight sharp cutting blade
  • Rubber grip for comfort and identification.
  • Straight Pin - to clean out eye of hook
  • Individually tested, Quality Controlled and improved in Utah
  • Individually hand honed in Utah

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Rising Nippa Clipper Reviews

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Derek Hardy
Details "I like it because it's local"

I picked up a pair of these the last time I was in the shop. I really liked the rubber grip coating as well as the sharp cutters. There are plenty of similar nippers on the market but I like that these are made locally by people passionate about fishing; and not mass produced in some foreign warehouse.
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