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Appreciating the Little Things: Orvis Superfine Carbon 802-4 Review

It seems that all the fly rods that are reviewed are 5 or 6 weights, as they are the most commonly rods fished for trout. In fly fishing, Trout is still the main species that fly anglers target, so it makes sense that these are the rod weights that everyone owns, and shoot-outs and rod reviews focus on. This review will focus on a rod that’s a bit outside of the normal rod review forum, the Orvis Superfine Carbon, 8’ 2 weight. Orvis describes this rod as “When fishing sm...


Fly Fishing Norway: An Introduction

You may not wonder how it is like to go fly fishing in Norway. Why bother? But my home country is a great place to go fishing. In Norway we have approx. 1,200 rivers with salmonids (Salmon, sea running char and sea trout) 450 of these have Salmon. The rivers are located all along the coastline from the Swedish border to the Russian border. In addition to this we have numerous rivers, streams and lakes that hold Brown Trout, Arctic Char, Grayling, Perch and Pike. For example do we have mor...


Why I Catch and Release

If you didn’t already know, I am a catch and release only angler. Lots of people especially around Texas go fishing in order to catch fish to eat, but it’s not about that for me. This is not to say that I disagree with eating fish- I just don’t do it for that reason. The reason I fly fish is not for the food opportunities, but for the sport. In all of my years of fly fishing, I have never kept a single fish for eating. My first day fly fishing, I adopted the practice of ...


Fishwest Presents: Hawaii On The Fly

Fishwest Ambassador Jeremytraded guiding the waters of Alaska for the island of Oahu during his most recent off season. He spent his time learning the flats and chasing the giant O'io (Hawaiian Bonefish) and other species that these waters offer. Check out this video of his experiences:
Visit the link HERE to learn more about the Fishwest Ambassador Program.


Letters From The Vice: DIY Fly Rod Rack

First off, this concept of a fly rod rack was not an original idea of mine though it’s a simple and genius way to store and organize your ever expanding fly rod collection. One night I was diving deep into the social media world cruising a private Fly Fishing Gear FB Group with an eclectic set of followers. I came upon a post from a gentleman named Daniel Wesley Owens. It was a collage of images for a rod rack he built for his travel trailer. As stated before, I thought it was genius so...

New Products

One To Watch For: Hatch Limited Edition Fly Reels

Every so often the folks over at Hatch Outdoors tend to do something a little bit different from time to time and these new Limited Edition Reels are no exception. First it was an all pink reel series built in conjunction with the help of Casting For Recovery. Next up, were the matte grey stylings of the Finatic series. Now Hatch is releasing their Freshwater & Saltwater series in Matte Desert Tan & Matte Navy Blue respectively. These reels will be available here at Fishwest here soon. C...

Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Orvis / Tacky Colaboration Deluxe Fly Box

Fly boxes are mysterious things. I always feel like the perfect one exists out there somewhere. That there’s some system of perfect storage that at some point I’ll tap into and my time on the water will elevate to that upper echelon of managed bliss, I am the same way with packs. I look at the fly boxes I have and they’ve grown old and stale to me, even the relatively new ones start to look so used and abused. I find myself falling victim to the crestfallen emotion inducing ...

New Products

Loop Q Fly Rod: A Quick Look

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on the Loop Q 7wt fly rod. Loop designed the Q series to be a high quality rod at a competitive price point. Quality and affordable is something I personally like. After spending some time on the water with the 7wt Loop Q here are some of my thoughts:

Pros: Sensitivity: This rod is surprisingly sensitive. I can clearly remember my first cast with the Loop Q. Please allow me to paint the scenario, I had already had a great day on the ...


Fifteen Years Between Bow River Bullets

Sometimes I worry about how some distant hot spot will have changed for the worse by the time I get there. It's comforting to know that some places are able to maintain their specialness. The Bow River, downstream of Calgary, Alberta is a bona fide blue ribbon trout stream. It ranks up there with rivers like the Big Horn, Yellowstone, and Madison. I first fished it in 2001. I was in the vicinity on a family camping trip and managed to sneak away to the river after supper one evening. ...

Fly Tying

Fly Tying Tutorial: Tying the Screaming Pumpkin

Up here in the the interior of British Columbia there is a period in the season where all the rivers, streams and creeks are closed to fishing, April 1st. Though I agree with this closure as I want all these fish to spawn and thrive I still often refer to this as the worst day of the year. This brings on the the wait for the lakes to thaw, and reveal some hungry fish! Even though I tie steady all winter, lake season seems to sneak up on me and I need to rush to fill up the box. There is a...


Springtime on Spring Creek: Dusting off the Gear and Landing Keychain Browns

Before I begin my first Fishwest article, I’d like to thank you for reading this far! My name is Lance Kittel, I am a graduate student in Gunnison, Colorado. When I’m not catching trees, shrubs, grass, my girlfriend’s hair or my own shirt, I tend to catch fish. I’ve been extremely blessed to frequently travel internationally, and I’m looking forward to writing about my favorite thing in the history of ever: flyfishing. Spring has arrived to much of the United...


Preparing Yourself for Hawaiian Bonefish

Although Hawaii is known for harboring trophy sized bonefish, the flats remain surprisingly empty considering many of them sit right outside a city as large as Honolulu. On most days you'll be one of the only fisherman walking with a fly rod and the only crowds you'll be concerned with will be from kayaks and paddleboarders. Though that does not mean these fish will come easily, many people walk back to the parking lot after a long day with their head hanging in defeat with nothin...

Industry News

Fishwest is Excited to Team Up With Brighton Anglers!

Fishwest is excited to announce the addition of the Brighton Anglers to the newly formed FishwestAmbassador program. Jared, Jason, and Luke from the Brighton Anglers will be sharing their experiences, photos, product reviews, fishing trips, and any other fishy content with Fishwest. Our staff, customers, and social media base will be able to interact and share this venture together. "We look forward to working with the Brighton Anglers on a variety of different projects and colla...


Spring Is In The Air and So Are The Blue Wings!

Guys, the fishless, cold days of winter are finally behind us! Great fishing, warmer weather, and longer days wait ahead. For some of us, we know it's spring because the calendar tells us, some of us, it's a feeling in the air, and for some of us, it's an event. For me, it's the latter category; it's the first good BWO hatch on the Provo. It's like the whole river has been lying in wait, just waiting. Through the whole winter, your only prayer of catching a fish in nym...

Gear Reviews

Cutthroat Chronicles: Why Bother Cleaning Fly Line?

Fly line is arguably the most important piece of gear in your entire rig. The differences between weight-forward and double-taper lines are important to understand, as are the differences between the countless weight-forward tapers. Using something like the Orvis Hydros HD Power Taper while fishing smaller dries on a 4wt Winston AIR will create issues with your presentation. Such an aggressive taper like the Orvis line mentioned above isn’t what you want to use when you need soft presen...

Industry News

Part of the Team: The New Fishwest Ambassador Program

After careful deliberation and much anticipation Fishwest would like to introduce our new ambassadors. It’s been an extensive process but we are proud to announce this new team selection. In order to help promote our brand and better educate our customers we have developed this program. This relationship between Fishwest and some highly-experienced fly fishing anglers is surely to be beneficial. Ambassadors will be sharing their experiences, photos, product reviews, fishing trips, a...


Guatemala Part 2: Dorado Disparus, Bonito Blitzes and Marlin Madness

(More impressions from an offshore newbie in mid-summer… Part 1 was posted on February 7.)

As the boat headed offshore through the glass calm water, I finished another round of Spanish lessons with Danny the mate and realized it was going to take a lot of fishing trips to develop fluency. My first sailfish on a fly had come yesterday and I was actually feeling pretty confident about my chances as I reviewed the drill: Cast behind the fish but not in the prop wash. Make a cou...


Pike on the Fly - Part 2: Leaders, Flies, and Tools

Welcome back to “Pike on the Fly”, in part one I went over rods, reels, and lines we use to chase the “water wolf”, part two will focus towards leaders, the tools, and flies to use.

Leaders Once you’ve put together your rod outfit the next item to think about is your leader. There are two ways for one to go about finding a leader. First and the easiest way would be to buy a tapered leader specified for pike. Rio, Scientific Anglers, and Umpqua all ...

Gear Reviews

Cutthroat Chronicles:The 101 on Fly Rod Action

If you’re in the market for a new fly rod, new to fly fishing in general, or just don’t spend a ton of time drooling over gear (I may or may not have a problem with this myself), then you’re likely not intimately familiar with the subtleties of fly rod actions, which action is best for certain fishing styles, and why it all matters in the first place. Generally, fly rods fall into three categories: fast, medium-fast, and slow. The thing that’s tricky about fly rod ...


Pike on the Fly - Part 1: Rods, Reels, Lines

Spring is here, and here at Fishwest we are prepping for the upcoming pike season. With more fly anglers targeting these incredibly powerful fish, and (in my opinion) the best way to be introduced to Esox fly fishing, we have received many emails and customers coming in with questions on the proper gear they will need to catch them. So here is a rundown of the essential equipment we use when targeting Pike.

Rods First you need the right fly rod. Typically I use single-handed rods r...