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So, You Want to Fly Fish in the Winter?

You’ve just ripped open your 23andme results only to discover you’re a quarter neandertal and ten percent idiot. Good news is, you’re qualified to start fly fishing in the winter! However, the bad news is you don’t know who your real grandfather is and wearing a helmet out in public is a necessity. Once you’ve finished that awkward phone call with your Nan about how she ruined the family, it's time to get ready to "ice" fly fish in the winter!

Fly Tying

Fly Tying Tutorial : Nameless Bulltrout Streamer

This fly was born on the bench one stormy night late in the summer for 2017. My brother had still not landed his first Bull Trout on the fly and time was ticking. We had one last opening to get out on the water to pursue the great Bull Trout. I had learned a lot of streamer techniques throughout the year and I just let the knowledge of everything I had learned flow through me. Here in my neck of the woods we are strictly single barbless hook only, but everyone knows articulated flies catch bi...

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Fly Fishing Film Tour 2018 - A Preview

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is a little more then a month away for us in Salt Lake City, needless to say we're getting gitty with excitement! Above is a preview of what to expect from this season's selection of films from F3T!

The show will be February 22nd @ 8pm at The Depot in Downtown Salt Lake City.

We hope it gets you as stoked for the show as it did for us.



Island Bass FishTale

It's the time of year that the bonefish action slows down considerably and I begin seeing a plethora of winter steelhead and trout photos on internet, something I grew up doing in the Great Lakes. While I won't be breaking out the two hander any time soon in Hawaii, there's still plenty of opportunities to rig up my 4 weight and scratch that trout itch. Before moving to Hawaii I had no idea they had populations of smallmouth bass. In fact, I didn't know until I caught one ...


Feeding The Madness

I don't know about you guys, but there comes a time every year that it gets pretty cold up here and I do my best to not even leave my house. What that doesn't change is my need to eat, breathe and sleep fly fishing. The addiction runs pretty deep in my veins and when your line freezes to your guides before you even hit the river you have to find another way to pass the time. Here are a couple things I do to keep myself busy over the winter so I don't lose my mind before spring.


Backcountry Fly-Fishing for Golden Trout

Fly-fishing for golden trout is a time-consuming, obsession-creating adventure of a time. Golden trout are most often found in remote, alpine drainages over 9,000 feet in elevation. Generally you can't just do a quick day trip for these ornate fish. Rather, you need to strap on a backpack and hiking boots and hit the trails for a few days at a time. This September, I found my way into a remote area to fish for golden trout off trail. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my fish...

Fly Tying

The Broke College Kid's Guide to Fly Tying Materials

Fly-tying rewards those who tie in many ways - the satisfaction of replicating a bug the size of a fingernail, and then proceeding to catch a trout on your fly incites an insatiable addiction. When considering embarking on your fly-tying career, you might ponder the cost, the time, and what you look to get out of the hobby. I was first inspired to tie flies as a solid creative outlet and a way to learn about the insects on my local rivers and streams without pouring over an entomology textboo...


Fly Tying Tutorial : Flashback Pheasant Tail

A fun little twist on a classic. I tend to keep both traditional and flashback Pheasant Tail nymphs in my box at all times. Sometimes I find I can get more hits on the flashback, but I find it hard to believe it makes that much difference. With the being such a simple addon to the pattern it seems a little silly not to have them in the end. Materials: Size 14 2x long Nymph Hook 70 Denier Thread - Brown 2.7mm (7/64th) Tungsten Bead Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers ...


Thoughts on 2017 from the Fishwest Staff

It's time to shut her down, 2017 is almost gone, and we are ready to welcome a New Year here at the fly shop. For our final blog of the year the staff has compiled some thoughts, highlights, and maybe some goals for next year. With the passing of the holiday season here is what we would like to share: What do you say JC? This year has a been a whirlwind angling tour and I have had a ton of fun. 2017 was filled with a bunch of fishy adventures spanning many different species and lo...

Gear Reviews

2017 Year and Gear Review

As snow flutters past my window and the chilly winter weather sets in, I've become reminiscent of a spectacular fishing year. I remember setting my first hook back in March when a Blue Wing Olive hatch surprised me on the Gunnison River. Springtime browns were followed by early summer cutthroat, which catalyzed into the best summer of fishing I've ever experienced. Hiking to remote places I've never been opened my eyes to beauty that I've otherwise overlooked. Summer winded do...

Industry News

Just Announced: The Fly Fishing Film Tour Returns to Salt Lake City

The Fly FIshing Film Tour Returns
Utah Anglers rejoice! The Fly Fishing Film Tour is returning to Salt Lake City once again this Febuaury. The global tour will be making it's annual stop in Salt Lake City on Febuaury 22nd, 2018 at 8:00pm at The Depot.

Tickets are available at Fishwest Fly Shop for $15 dollars. Please call us at 801.617.1225 for more details.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more details!

Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Echo Bad Ass Glass Quickshot

Intro: The newly introduced Bad Ass Glass Quickshot has garnered a lot of attention and raised a few questions. My experience with the original BAG rod (the 9 footer) has brought more than a few quires my direction. For the sake of my happiness and making an addition to my arsenal of fly rods I wanted to give the Quickshot a "quick-shot". Since the cleverness of this article is already apparent keep reading and it will be fun for both of us. If you're in the market for a new...

Industry News

Enter Now: Fishwest "Catch Of The Year" Contest

The end of 2017 is near and we want to see your "Catch of the Year"! One lucky person will win a size 2 Evolution LT from Ross Reels! To enter follow Fishwest, tag us, and use #FWcatchoftheyear along with a short description of your photo. Semifinalists will be chosen at the end of December and you, the viewer, will choose the winner after the new year! So dig through your best fishy photos and enter to win! Good Luck & Tight Lines Connect With Us: Instagram ...

Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish Fly Line

Sight casting for bonefish one of the most exciting ways fish due to the fact you need to be ready at a moment’s notice. With that being said, it is critical to have gear that performs well and that you trust when that shot arises. The most important piece of gear in this equation can be argued for ages. However, I strongly believe that the most important element in any saltwater outfit is the fly line. Enter the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish Taper fly line. This is the late...


Exploration: Sometimes It's Worth It

So I am sure that I am not the only one that spends hours on Google Earth in the evenings looking for that next great spot. In fact I know I am not, as my brother was the one that pointed this one out to me. A couple years back my brother went fishing with his friend and his friend’s father. He recalled hiking across a large field, down a long steep hill and finally into a deep narrow canyon. He had told me this story a few times and how the fishing was absolutely unreal, though he neve...

Fly Tying

Fly Tying Tutorial: EP Crab

I discovered this EP pattern a few months ago when I thought about fishing the Texas coast. Everyone knows the crab is the “it” fly in the salt, and that proved to be true! I hooked into lots of nice fish on this pattern. I hope it catches you a fish! Materials: Gamakatsu SL15 size 1 140 Denier Thread (Blue) EP Fibers (Tan & Blue) Marabou (Tan) Barred and Speckled Crazy Legs (Sand w/ Orange Tip) Medium Double Pupil Lead Eyes (Fl. Orang...

Gear Reviews

2017 Holiday Staff Picks

Every year we try to make it easier for you, the consumer, to choose great gift for the holidays by suggesting products that the staff has used and been impressed by. Below are the staff holiday picks for 2017. Hope they help you pick the right gifts for the loved ones in your family. Morgan's Picks Scientific Anglers Spey Lite Lines
Scientific Anglers’ new line of lightweight spey lines is guaranteed to be a hit with the growing popularity of spey fishing for trout. Whet...


The Seal Incident

And various other tugs of war off Catalina Island... Motivation... During a family trip to California as a 13 year-old, I went with my Dad on a party boat to wild and rocky Catalina Island. We caught plenty of pan-sized calico bass, but the star of the show was a big yellowtail that did a couple laps around the boat, picking off the live chum. A huge buzz spread over the boat as more and more anglers caught glimpses of the fish. However, nobody caught it, or any other yellowtail for t...

Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Galvan Grip Series Fly Reel

My first experience with Galvan Fly Reels came when I bought a used Torque T-6 from a coworker a few years ago. I loved that reel; the bronze color, the sound of the click, how smooth it was and it was the perfect size for my 6 weight streamer rod. I used it heavily and I still somewhat regret getting rid of it but I once again own a Galvan and I'm still as excited about the brand. The reason I got rid of that T-6 was an upcoming bonefish trip to South Andros Lodge in the Bahamas. Had...


Sure, Blame The Gear For Everything

We have all heard that _______ (fill in the blank) company is crappy! That their hooks, their leaders, their fly lines, their fly rods, their waders, and any other product you can think of are just crap. It is all crap. The experiences that we have had personally, seen on social media, or been told about by others shape our perception of the various products we use. I would hope that every product we see on the market was developed to provide a better experience on the water, or getting to th...