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Brodin Landing Nets has been buidling fine wooden landing nets for serious anglers for decades. Brodin utilizes an array of woods such as teak and other plantation grown non-native woods in their net frames. These nets aren't just designed for classic looks however, they are nets made for landing fish. Brodin builds them to last and they will hold up many seasons on the water. Brodin Landing Nets are made in a wide array of sizes to meet every possible fly fishing scenario out there. From small, easily carried wading nets designed for small stream use to long handled boat nets with large hoops and deep bags, Brodin has it covered. Their nets feature modern rubber bags including the clear Ghost series that are easy on the fish and the fishermen. Brodin has a long standing history in the fly fishing world as a maker of beautiful hand-crafted nets.

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Dale Martens
Brodin Landing Nets Phantom Gallatin Net
"Great net..."

Brodin says it will handle a 20" trout. Haven't tested that claim but it did handle an 18 incher nicely. My last net was a cheap wooden one and it fell apart pretty quickly.
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