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What began as a pair of military underwear around a motorcyclist's neck for protection from the elements, led to the founding of Buff Headwear over twenty years ago. Originally marketed towards skiers, Buff has expanded into the world of fly fishing and taken it by storm. On the water, Buffs provide the perfect shield from sun and wind and can also be worn for warmth in the winter. Available in a variety of materials to best suit an angler's needs, Buff produces their unique headwear in a multitude of creative artistic patterns as well as simple, toned down versions. They can even be custom made with personalized designs. Fly fishermen will find themselves feeling better at the end of a long, hot, sunny day after wearing a Buff. 

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Dale Martens
Buff UV Original Buff
"Mandatory for fishing the tropics."

I'm never without one of these things when fishing the tropics. Very comfortable and much better than constantly reapplying sunscreen to my face, neck, and ears.
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