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Carlin Havey

Web Team & Shop Staff


Carlin is a lifelong outdoorsman with a passion for fly fishing. Working different internships and guide positions throughout college he became a certified mechanized ski guide that only pushed his passion to greater heights. Wanting to share his excitement for the outdoors, Carlin continues to work in the industry, and enjoys sharing his passion for fishing with other people. After graduating from the University of Utah in 2013 he worked in the action sports industry and eventually landed in the fly fishing realm. In his spare time Carlin can be found fixated in the woods chasing elk or trying to get some fresh powder in the backcountry.

Fishing Experience:

Grew-up chasing fish on local Idaho rivers and ponds filled with water liles. Carlin was lucky enough to have a Father teach him how to fish at a young age and never looked back. During a summer semester at college his passion for fly fishing was re-invigorated thanks to a very knowledgeable professor. Since then Carlin has been exploring new water all over Idaho and Utah chasing after any species of fish that will chomp down feathers tied to a hook.