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Donato Crespo

Fishwest Customer Service / Shop Staff


Growing up in Utah, I have been a camper and fisherman my whole life. It’s the perfect place for it, right? I grew up in West Jordan and graduated from West Jordan High School. I completed a few years at the local community college but found that I prefer to learn through real-life experiences. Although I’ve never lived outside of Utah, I take every opportunity to venture elsewhere. Whether it’s the green forests of the Pacific Northwest or the bright lights of the Windy City, I follow the urge to go out and experience new things and meet new people. I was an avid Fishwest customer before I became an employee, and one day came in to ask “Y’all hiring?”, and here I am.

Fishing Experience:

As a kid, I mostly fished on lakes with the classic Shakespeare Ugly Stick. I’ve also dabbled with hand reel fishing in the Yucatan Peninsula with my family. I started fly fishing in 2014, and that first season on the river inspired me to dive headfirst into the deep dark rabbit hole we call fly fishing. Like most anglers, it has become an obsession. When I’m not out casting, I spend the majority of my free time studying every fly fishing and bug book, planning the next fishing spot with friends, and daydreaming about new waters. Whether it’s salt water (thanks, JC) or just a new piece of fresh water that I haven’t explored yet, it’s all I think about and I can’t wait to see and fish it all.