Intermediate Fly Tying Class in Kamas, Utah.

The Intermediate Fly Tying Class taught by Fishwest is a two-hour lesson that takes place once a week for three consecutive weeks. This class is geared towards anglers who have a solid understanding of fly tying processes, including the whip finish. Similar to the beginner lesson, the intermediate level focuses on one fly pattern per class, however these patterns are more detailed and use additional materials. Our Intermediate Fly Tying Class allows students to experiment with materials and even request certain patterns. It also covers how to slightly change each pattern to imitate a different life cycle stage of any particular insect, plus hacks to make the fly tying process easier. The patterns chosen for the Intermediate Fly Tying Class are all go-to’s for fly fishing in the Salt Lake City area, and students will leave with flies that are useful year-round, as well as the skills to craft more. All tools needed for constructing flies are provided, but if you have your own fly tying equipment, you are welcome to bring it as well.

Cost: $40

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Fishwest Fly Shop. 138 West 280 South Kamas, Utah 84036


2 hours per class, 3 classes total

What is included:
All necessary fly tying gear