Intro to Fly Fishing Class

Our intro to fly fishing class takes the intimidation factor out of learning how to fly fish. This all-ages introductory course is taught by Fishwest Fly Shop’s expert guide staff and equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful. You’ll learn about gear, reading water, finding fish, identifying local fish species, rigging a rod, casting, entomology, and tying basic knots. This class is roughly 6 hours long and has a 3:1 instructor-to-student ratio for more hands-on learning opportunities.

Class Dates

  • May 22nd, 2021

Class Outline

  • Rigging basics - gear breakdown. Understanding equipment, right tool “toolbox”, set up rigs for current conditions and student preference/goals. Knots and fly selection based off entomology samples.
  • Observations - noting weather, water flows & temperature, insects on the water surface, in the air, foliage
  • Reading water and where fish hold - what trout need, identify pools, runs, riffles. Where, when, and why trout hold in different water types. Discuss when, why, and how to fish them.
  • Approaching water – Grid. Start in close, work out.
  • Basic Entomology- Using a biology siene net to survey selected areas & why, turn over rocks. Identify and discuss categories, stages and life cycles. Discuss fly imitations.
  • Casting - Four change of direction casts, why and when.
  • Presentation - Focusing on presentation and drift.
  • Catch and release - Proper fish handling
  • Wrap-up - Final Q&A

Class Structure

  • Instructor(s), fly shop, and student introductions.
  • Itinerary/class overview, safety, expectations, and fly-fishing etiquette
  • Q&A
  • Shop purchases
  • Wader up
  • Drive to river

Cost: $300 per person

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Please note: Cost does not include tax, valid Utah fishing license, or gratuity.

Meet at Fishwest Fly Shop in Kamas, Utah
To be decided based on weather and water conditions.


6 hours

What is included:
Course includes fly rod and reel, waders, boots, all terminal tackle for class- only use. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be providing lunch, please bring your own lunch, snacks, and beverages.