JC Weeks

Fishwest E-Commerce Manager & Travel Program Coordinator


I grew up in the shadow of some of the most heralded ski slopes in the western United States. Instead of skiing or snowboarding, I took up fly fishing at a young age. Through high school & my early college years I was fortunate enough to represent my country playing Sled Hockey. I started at Fishwest as a member of the web team and now I oversee and manage almost every aspect of the Fishwest e-commerce platform. I also act as the main point of contact for all of the Fishwest hosted travel trips.

Fishing Experience:

Like I said above, I started fly fishing with my dad at a very young age. My dad was quick to introduce me to local waters such as the Weber, Provo, & the Green. I have always viewed fly fishing as a form of therapy both physical and mental. Angling pursuits on the fly quickly became a passion of mine due to the challenging nature of the sport itself, I have always viewed fly fishing as a form of continuing education. Once I joined the staff at Fishwest, my angling worldview changed dramatically. These days the scope of my angling now includes pursuing Carp, Pike, Muskie, Tarpon, Bonefish & many other species. I have been given the opportunity to travel around the world to fly fish with Fishwest, and have been on a majority of our Fishwest Hosted travel trips as the Trip Lead and look forward to sharing that knowledge and experience with anglers for many years to come. One of my favorite fishing experiences this year was fishing Bluewater off the California coast for the first time. Right now, my fly fishing goals include learning how to swing two handed rods for Steelhead.