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  • Abel Super Reel 12W - Large Arbor

Abel Super Reel 12W - Large Arbor

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Silver King. Sabalo. ‘Poon. The mighty Tarpon has earned more than a few nicknames, along with a well-deserved reputation as one of the toughest fish on the planet. The 12-weight rod has developed as the weapon of choice for battling Tarpon, and the Super 11/12N is the perfect match for both the rod and the fish. Superior backing capacity combined with an extra-large arbor make the Super 11/12N ready for the blistering runs a tarpon takes, and equally ready to pick that line back up again as you chase your trophy down!


  • Made of 6061-T651 cold finished Aerospace grade aluminum
  • ISO9001:2000 and AS9100 Certified FAA TSO C149 Aircraft Bearings
  • We use a superior high grade Portuguese cork with a little neat’s-foot oil on it.
  • Increased reliability, back-up strength and unique
  • Made in the USA

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