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Loon UV Knot Sense


With UV Knot Sense you can smooth and strengthen your newly tied knots immediately. After application, it dries instantly with Loon's UV Mini Lamp, UV Power Light or with direct sunlight. Also works great for repairing damaged flies and completing household projects.


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Loon UV Knot Sense Reviews

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Details "Versatile"

This is great for a ton of things. I use it for finishing knots on my line to leader. Backing to line connections to smooth the transition for running through the guides. I have also used it on my flies before they came out with other products for fly finishin. Works great and dries fast under the uv light.
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Dale Martens
Details "Knot insurance and a no-fuss substitute for epoxy."

I use this to coat my Albright knot when attaching line to backing, as well as my nail knots when attaching a braided loop to the end of a line. It also takes the place of epoxy when I'm tying flies and I want to build up a body, wing case, or head. Cures in direct sunlight (almost instantly) and under a UV lamp (not quite so fast).
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