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Anglers Book Supply

Angler's Book Supply Drift: The Movie DVD


A marvelous flyfishing film: great characters & personalities, cinematography, music, a variety of freshwater & saltwater, & an adequate supply of what we all like to call fish porn. Aimed at showing all viewers — from hardcore, 300-day-a-year guides, to people who’ve never picked up a fly rod — that flyfishing is a much deeper, more interesting, more varied, & a more fulfilling sport than they’ve been led to believe by mainstream media. Filmed in Oregon, Bahamas, India, Belize, Montana, Utah & Colorado. 65 min.



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Details "Good fish porn"

I have their entire series and really love this for those months you can't be on the water. Entertainment only, no instruction, just nice to put in and watch. The part on Kashmir, India was interesting. I recommend.
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