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  • Badlands Everything Pocket Zipper

Badlands Everything Pocket Zipper

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Nothing particular in mind, except for maybe a G.P.S., a cell phone, snacks, calls, knives, wallets, wind indicators, broad heads, shells, allen wrenches. Yes, nothing in particular, just a pocket.


  • Includes 2 Quick Clips
  • 50 cubic inches
  • Holds everything
  • Includes 2 Quick Clips
  • Holds Everything
  • Attaches to Anything


  • Dimensions: 5"X6"X3"
  • Volume Main: 50 CI
  • Volume Total: 50 CI
  • Total Weight: 4.8 OZ

Fabric Tech:

  • Badlands KXO-32 fabric is the strongest, quietest, most waterproof material in the hunting world. How do we know? Because we tried 31 different combos before we finally got it right! Soft, supple, quiet….everything you've always wanted in a hunting pack...and a mate but, that's a debate for another time.
  • Let's face it....You put a lot of stress on your hunting gear. As you should! Certain areas of your pack are bound to take more abuse than others. Through a scientific process we call "beating the living hell out of it" we found these "high stress areas" and added reinforcements. Hypalon is one of the highest strength, yet flexible materials known to man and we had to have it. We bought up the world's supply and use it on all high stress areas on all Badlands packs.

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