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  • Badlands Hunting Longitude Layering Bottom - Mens

Badlands Hunting Longitude Layering Bottom - Men's

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The Longitude Base Layer Legging is designed for cold temperatures and winter hunts. Base layers are truly the interface between your body and the rest of what you are wearing. They need to absorb odor, fit perfectly and most importantly, be the most comfortable thing you have ever worn. Not an easy tick list... until now. Badlands has developed a fabric that will exceed your every expectation in the above-mentioned areas. The secret to our new miracle material is bamboo; yes you read correctly - bamboo. This all-natural fiber has amazing odor-absorbing and wicking qualities that allow you to move more freely than any synthetic ever could. We guarantee the Badlands Longitude Legging to be the second best thing you have ever put against your skin.


  • Lightweight Base Layer
  • Seamless Weaving
  • Natural Bamboo Woven Fabric
  • Quick Dry/Ultra Wicking
  • Unsurpassed Odor Control
  • Total Weight: 6OZ

Fabric Tech:

  • The Badlands Bio-Thermic apparel system was designed to regulate your body's heat in the most effective way possible. That means devising a layering system that will keep you at just the right temperature. Too hot and you sweat. Too cold and you start losing feeling in your digits. Our Bio-Thermic system is made up of base, mid and outer layers that when used effectively will manage your internal thermostat and keep you going longer and stronger in the field.
  • The Badlands SRS (Scent Reduction System) is our way of creating "antimicrobial warfare." Let's just say we're winning the battle. Found in our Biothermic apparel and baselayers, the Badlands SRS ensures that the ultimate anti-microbial treatment penetrates deep into the fabric's fibers. The result is Badlands 1, Odor Causing Microbes 0. Unlike similar treatments that will wear down extremely quickly, the Badlands SRS will effectively last up to 50 wash cycles. And let's be honest...with how often you wash your clothes, that's basically a lifetime.

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