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  • Badlands OX Take Down Frame

Badlands OX Take Down Frame

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A revolution in external frame technology, the Ox features a recurve aluminum frame that is shaped to offer a superior center of gravity while still being lightweight and mobile. We like to think of ourselves as scientists but without all those fancy degrees. Ergonomics, physics, biomechanical engineering, we’ll dabble in everything to make sure we’re producing the absolute best in load carrying technology. Remember that frame pack you took to scout camp 40 years ago? Well most "hunting pack companies" are still using that technology....not Badlands. In simple terms, this frame makes it possible to carry insane loads with surprising ease.


  • T-6 Aircraft Aluminum External Frame
  • Built-In Meat Shelf
  • Molded Foam Suspension
  • Medium fits torso length 18"-21"
  • Large fits torso length 21"-23"
  • Dimensions: 30"X13"X3"
  • Total Weight: 6 lb

Fabric Tech:

  • Badlands KXO-32 - Fabric is the strongest, quietest, most waterproof material in the hunting world. How do we know? Because we tried 31 different combos before we finally got it right! Soft, supple, quiet….everything you've always wanted in a hunting pack...and a mate but, that's a debate for another time.
  • Hypalon - Let's face it....You put a lot of stress on your hunting gear. As you should! Certain areas of your pack are bound to take more abuse than others. Through a scientific process we call "beating the living hell out of it" we found these "high stress areas" and added reinforcements. Hypalon is one of the highest strength, yet flexible materials known to man and we had to have it. We bought up the world's supply and use it on all high stress areas on all Badlands packs. Why go the extra mile you may ask? Because at Badlands the giving never stops.
  • Aramid fibers - Are fibers in which the chain molecules are highly oriented along the fiber axis so the strength of the chemical bond can be exploited. What does that mean? Well….we're not sure exactly but we do know that one strand of this thread can lift 110 lbs so we don't really care! Yes, all of the yellow bar-tacks you see on our packs are aramid thread and no, yellow isn't our favorite color. These fibers are so strong and dense that they can't even be dyed another color.
  • Thermo-Mold - This is an area in which we could get super technical. We could throw words out like hydrocarbon, cross-linked bonding, elastomer and endothermic reaction but we all know we're just trying to sound smart. In reality, we've always gone to great lengths to simply find the most comfortable way to hump exorbitant amounts of weight across extreme terrains. Our Thermo-Mold suspensions have been developed and designed over 20 years. The first years were spent baking our own molds in household ovens we purchased at garage sales and heavily altered to best suit our customer's needs. The process has evolved and we've perfected the art of "comfortability" (not sure that's a word but it sounds good!) Our Thermo-Mold suspensions are waterproof, and resist molds, mildews and bacteria. Let's face it, you are working hard, sweating and generating all sorts of unmentionable don't need them living in your pack.

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