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Cliff Outdoors

Cliff Outdoors Super Days Worth Fly Box


Midges, Meat, and Mayflies - Oh My! Our triple layer design allows you to effectively hold a ton of different sized flies. The magnetic bottom handles all the small flies. The leaf has our time-tested slit blue foam that really grips the big, heavy stuff. The top is set up to hold and protect dozens of dry flies. It will take a beating. Fits easily in a fishing shirt at 6" X 4" X 1 5/8". This box has been awarded the Ka-Ching award at the 2009 Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo.



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Cliff Outdoors Super Days Worth Fly Box Reviews

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Details "Primary box on the river"

I usually only carry one box on the river and it's this one. I can carry streamers, dries, midges and nymphs all in one. Plenty of room for a diverse selection and is all I usually need on my local river. Good product.
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