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  • Echo Solo Fly Reel

Echo Solo Fly Reel

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The Echo Solo reels are designed to get you into the sport at a very reasonable price. But don't let the price lead you to believe it's short on features. The impact resistant metal frame and impact resistant resin spool are surprisingly strong, with an incredibly smooth robust drag and stainless steel inner workings. They come in two sizes and match up nicely with our Echo Solo rods.



  • Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag with low start-up resistance
  • Backlash-free instant drag reaction
  • Durable, impact resistant resin frame
  • Drag knob positioning click
  • Audible outgoing click


  • Audible outgoing click
  • Durable, impact resistant resin frame
  • Solo 4/5 WF5F+ 100yd/20lb
  • Solo 6/8 WF8F+ 150yd/20lb

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