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Loop Multi Light Fly Reel


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We have always been known for designing the highest quality fly reels on the market. So when we set out to create a series of “diecast” reels, we knew they had to be built to the same standards as our other great reels.

In other words, they needed to be completely waterproof and offer the same Power Matrix Drag System that is incorporated in our other machined reels. The inter-workings of the new Multi Reels are of the highest standards, and when our first prototypes started arriving, we knew we had accomplished our goal. The Loop Multi Fly Reels will last a life time, and will be offered in a price range that will allow anglers of all walks of life to own a fly reel that we feel proud enough to put the Loop name on.



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Loop Multi Light Fly Reel Reviews

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Details "My first fly reel"

This reel (Loop Multi 3/6) was bought for my first fly fishing rod. It was Loop Xact 690-4 MF. As a result I have got perfect balanced Tackle (by the way, Loop Evotec 85 Line was used). Once a well-laden fly caught a fly right at the tip of the rod (The reason was my clumsy hands). As a result, the tip of the rod was broken. I have placed the order of the tip section on the official website of Loo... Read Entire Review
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