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  • Rio Switch Fly Line

Rio Switch Fly Line

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The Rio Switch Fly Line is ideal for anglers accustomed to using switch fly rods when searching for freshwater fish. This weight forward, floating fly line works equally well when casting overhead or when using a spey cast. The Rio Switch line easily turns over large flies, thanks to its long head and thick taper, and delivers superior line control, distance, and mending capabilities. It also includes Rio’s AgentX Technology for improved durability and XS Technology which keeps your line clean and slick. The Rio Switch Fly Line will give you versatility when fishing different types of rivers using a switch fly rod.


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Rio Switch Fly Line Reviews

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Dale Martens
Details "Just the ticket for a switch rod and junk under an indicator..."

Probably more than half the fishing I do with my switch rods - a 4 weight for goldeye and 7 weight for catfish - is done with this line. It overhand casts or spey casts lots of junk under an indicator. The long belly isn't great for shooting line when spey casting, but it sure helps when mending over a great distance. (Mending is next to impossible with a skagit head and running line.)
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Details "Works on my Scott T2H Switch"

I have this in a 5/6 weight for Scott T2h 5 wt. switch. It works good and I can overhand and do some basic light spey casts with it. I'm faily new to 2 handed casting, so I am no expert, but seems to work fine and will work better when I get better.
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