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  • Sage Bass 2 Fly Rod Blank

Sage Bass 2 Fly Rod Blank

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The Bass II is an advanced performance rod that generates higher line speeds, provides greater accuracy and easier line pickup. This lighter weight bass rod has a very smooth feel but with maximum leverage to fight aggressive predators and pull big fish from cover. These rods perform the job of line pick up, back-cast, and redelivery with no false cast needed. It is the perfect tool for accurately casting big, wind resistant flies from a kayak, canoe and other small personal watercraft. It's also the best choice for fishing in mangroves and salt marshes where accuracy in close quarters is difficult with standard length rods. Bass II is versatile for many different species and conditions. This family of rods includes the new Peacock Bass model which is designed specifically for to pursue large, aggressive, warm water species such as Pike, Muskie, and Peacock Bass. All Bass II rods come with a perfectly weighted and tapered line.


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