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  • Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Billfish Line
Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Billfish Line

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Is it really a good idea to throw flies at fish that have either swords on their faces or thousands of razor-sharp teeth? We thought so too. That’s why we designed the Mastery Billfish line. Built on a 65-lb. core, it won’t be confused with a bonefish line anytime soon; it’s designed to throw massive flies to giant fish. Get your fly out there and hold on for the ride.


  • The ultimate choice for casting huge, wind-resistant flies to sailfish and marlin
  • For short, quick casts with less effort
  • Ideal for large tandem-hook flies

Sink Rate:  4.5-5.0 ips

Taper Characteristics:

  • Short head and powerful front taper turn over the most massive saltwater flies with ease
  • Head design minimizes false casts with large flies
  • Small diameter and medium-fast sink rate reduce water resistance and minimize break-offs during those frantic first runs
  • Shorter line cuts down on line drag through the water
  • Outstanding line control and accuracy
  • Advanced taper improves performance in the wind
  • Easy-to-follow orange color

Core:  Braided multifilament nylon

Coating:  Specially formulated 3M saltwater PVC integrated with high-density glass beads

Color:  Orange

Delivery:  Strong

Stiffness:  Low

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