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  • Scott Fly Rod S4s Rods
Scott Fly Rod

Scott Fly Rod S4s Rods

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These industry leading saltwater rods have upped the bar on performance. From the titanium and type 3 anodized corrosion free components to blanks that have proven themselves as exceptional fish fighting tools, S4s rods give you a decisive edge in the salt.

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Scott Fly Rod S4s Rods Reviews

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Details "One of my favorite sticks"

I own these in 5,6,8,9 and 10 wts., just haven't picked up a 7 yet. These cast beautifully and never had a problem with them. They look killer with my Hatch reels and one of my favorite sticks, just have to adjust my stroke a bit. A nice softer tip for lighter tippet and close in shooting. Mine have held up well.
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