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Item: SFP00349

Simms M2 BOA Field Repair Kit


Includes M2 replacement knob and wire lace for easy lace system replacement in the field. For use with our RiverTek Boa Boot and RiverTek Boa Boot - Felt.

For 1st GENERATION RiverTek Boa® Boots please order M3 BOA® FIELD REPAIR KIT.

For the G4 Boa Boot, please order the G4 Boa Replacement Kit

To Verify which RiverTek Boa Boot you have:

Look inside the boot on the tongue label where the size is marked. 2nd Generation boots will state "Boa M2 Reel" and the lace length, 1st Generation boots state only "Boa" and lace length.



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