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Umpqua Glide Line Dressing with Box


Glide Line Dressing helps you shoot fly line farther with greater ease. Glide can be used on any fly line types and protects lines so that they will perform better and last longer. Also features Umpqua Line Dressing Box with four replaceable felt pads. Simply apply liquid dressing to felt, run fly line through the grooves, close the lid, and pull fly line through.



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Umpqua Glide Line Dressing with Box Reviews

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Details "Good for old line"

I use this for older line that needs conditioning to try and get that last bit of use out of it before retiring it to lawn casting. This will collect light dirt/dust on the line, due to the new coat of lubricant, so keep it clean. Again I use this for old line, as for new/newer line I use warm water and a towel, try not to get any other chemicals, even soap, on it if it needs cleaning.
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