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Waterworks-Lamson Ketchum Release Tools


Fish mortality can be reduced by landing the fish quickly and by avoiding netting and handling. This technique will preserve protective coatings and eliminate air exposure. The Ketchum Release tool makes this low-mortality release easy. The tool also allows you to retrieve your fly without damage and it allows your hands to stay dry in cold weather. Three sizes are available: the Midge is designed for flies on hook sizes 20 and smaller; the Original is designed for medium-sized flies; the Big Bug is designed for large-bodied flies like Hoppers.


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Waterworks-Lamson Ketchum Release Tools Reviews

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Details "Another great save!"

I made another great save with my Ketchum Release Tool yesterday. My last good nymph got stuck on my boot lace in the middle of the river, so I simply reached down with the KRT and kept on fishing without having to wade back to shore.
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