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  • Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed IV Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed IV Reel

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2014 is Litespeed re-loaded. For years an iconic ultra-large arbor reel, Litespeed has now been refined for even higher retrieve rate, improved ergonomics, easier line management and less mass. Everything that was achieved in Gen 3 LS has been pushed farther. Narrower drag geometry has translated into a flatter spool surface for less knuckle dragging. A more aggressive drag knob has been made . . . well, more aggressive. Structural refinements such as the curved arbor have made a light reel even lighter, and this curved arbor (which we introduced in 1998) stores backing into a “diameter well” and keeps “working line” at a maximum radius to optimize everything we love about large arbor reels. Most notably, the spool/stripping arm geometry that was introduced on the very earliest Litespeeds has been changed to make it consistent with our newer reels, which do a better job of preventing snags and line damage. Still a close second to a Force SL in trout sizes, the Litespeed is the reliable thoroughbred of the Lamson line.


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Details "Performance and Value"

I've used the 8wt for pond and lake largemouth, big Canadian lake smallmouth, and bonefishing. Lightweight yet durable for large bass (deep or in cover) and long runs by strong, determined bonefish. Despite being an 8wt, easy to swing all day and 100% confidence when you set the hook and get the fish on the reel. Great price-point for high performing fresh and salt reel.
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