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  • Westwater Thingamabobbers - 5 Pack

Westwater Thingamabobbers - 5 Pack

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Inspired by western guides using small balloons as strike indicators to improve buoyancy and sensitivity.

The Thingamabobber combines all of the best strike indicator elements in one simple design.



  • Highly visible colors
  • Durable soft plastic construction
  • 5 per pack  

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Westwater Thingamabobbers - 5 Pack Reviews

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Details "My primary indicator"

My main indicator when nymphing. I have these in 1", 3/4" and 1/2". Which one I use is dependent on the rig. Floats great, but can twist and get hung up on the line if not careful with your roll casts. Mine came with the stopper attached, I just cut that off and use normally. Floats better than yarn indicators and don't have to retreat.
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Details "Great indicator!"

Thingamabobber indicators are the most versatile and popular strike indicators on the water. Most guides install them on their client nymph rigs and never take them off. I think yarn indicators and floating files are a bit more sensitive, but they ice up when it's cold and twist a lot if it's windy. The Thingamabobers with stopper pegs are a good idea for quick adjustments and do help prevent c... Read Entire Review
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