Spencer Mortensen

Fishwest Ambassador

Spencer began his life-long love of fly fishing around 20 years ago. He spent countless days as a youth fly fishing high mountain streams and lakes. In high school, Spencer moved to Montana and spent a few years regularly fishing the Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Madison rivers. One of Spencer's favorite trout was catching a 24-inch rainbow on a hopper with no one present but his younger brother. After many years of almost exclusively trying to catch trout, Spencer began experimenting heavily with targeting other species of fish. His love of fish now have expanded to include bluegill (and other panfish), bass, carp, whitefish, and any other species he can get to catch a fly. One of Spencer's biggest fly fishing ambitions is to catch his first bonefish. In addition to his love of catching any fish that put a bend in his rod, Spencer loves putting in time on the vise and creating flies ranging from small emergers and nymphs up to big carp flies.