Tiemco Shimazaki Dry Shake Spray

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The ShimazakiDry-Shake Spray is a fly floatant that serves two purposes. First, itmakesdry flies water-resistant and more buoyant.Secondly, it also works to dry out flies that have becomewater logged. ApplyUmpqua Tiemco's ShimazakiDry-Shake Spray to ensure that your flies float instead of sink. Uses Liquid Propane Gas propellant Helps dry flies become water resistant Dries out water logged flies.

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10/17/2017 8:20:56 am

works pretty good


Ok I tried this stuff last winter when I was bored. It actually works pretty well. It doesn't last forever but you wont need to treat your fly stream side as it comes out of the box. At least for a few casts. . I use it to treat the flies I tie, and the new ones I buy.

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