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The Fishwest Upgrade Program

Fishwest Upgrade ProgramHave you been eyeballing that new rod, shiny new reel or just have a lot of old gear that you need to unload? Then the Fishwest Upgrade Program is for you. We make “out with the old, in with the new” much easier. Simply send us your unwanted gear and we will sell it for you. We don’t take any commission for the service and you get credit for the new gear you want.

There is no catch, we simply take your unwanted gear, and help you turn it into something you want to fish! When utilizing the Upgrade Program you have two options when it comes to trading in your gear:

eBay Style Auctions:

Hatch Finatic Fly ReelOnce an item is received by our upgrade staff, we then take the items to have them photographed and we will build an eBay listing that accurately describes each product. From there we schedule the items to run on an eBay auction for 10 days starting at 99 cents with no reserve. After the listing has been completed and payment has cleared, the customer receives the final value of the selling price minus all eBay fees (which is 12% of the auction price) in the form of a gift card which can be used at Fishwest Fly Shop or on (Typically we have found this to be the most effective method when selling used gear. We have found if we start items at 99 cents that this encourages bidding and competition for the item. The auction-style listings tend to promote higher bids and selling values.)

** The Fine Print: We list all items with no reserve and once an item is started, it cannot be ended. We have found that listing items with no reserve results in better sale prices, meaning more value to you. Ending a listing early reflects poorly on Fishwest and our business on eBay.

Store credit is not redeemable for cash. Bidding on your own item is not allowed and your item will be forfeited for this kind of activity.

Why should you choose the Fishwest Upgrade Program?


Fishwest has staff dedicated to the upgrade program whose job it is to make sure you get the most money for your upgrade items. When we sell your item, we treat it like our own. We even offer our 90-day return policy to potential buyers at no additional cost to you.


Fishwest is the largest fly fishing seller on eBay. We do more volume than anyone. What does that mean for you? More customers, more eyeballs and more potential bidders looking at your items, which in turn mean more bids and higher selling prices for your items.

Properly represented:

When Fishwest agrees to sell your item, we take it very seriously. We thoroughly clean and inspect the item, take high-quality photos and write a succinct description so potential buyers know exactly what they are buying. We don't want any surprises. We want you the get the most money for your item.


When we turn your upgrade item into valuable Fishwest store credit, we want to make sure you get what you want for the credit. We have the widest selection of products available, so you can get the fly fishing gear you want.


Fishwest is a Top Rated Seller on eBay which means we consistently excel at all aspects of taking care of our customers and their orders. Not only do we exceed the standards of service expected by eBay, we do it at an astonishing volume.

Why Fishwest?

We may not be the first, but we are the best. We work harder, and get you more value for your used gear. We want to be the only choice when you decide to upgrade your old equipment. Please contact us with any questions.

To participate, simply print this form and send it with your gear to us. We will handle the rest. Wondering if what you have is worth selling? Just send us an email or give us a call. We can easily research your item and give you some ballpark estimates. Please contact us with any questions at 1-877-773-5437 or

Start Here

Ship your items to the following address:

Fishwest Upgrade Program
47 West 10600 South
Sandy, UT 84070

Redeeming Your Credit:

Once your item has sold, now what? The Upgrade Program staff at Fishwest are determined to make this whole process as effortless for you as possible. Once your items have sold, our staff will issue you a gift certificate code to use either online or in our store.

When using the code online, simply input your gift certificate code into the “gift card” field at checkout and apply it to your purchase. The gift certificate will automatically be deducted from your order cost.

Please contact us @ 877.773.5437 with any questions!