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The Torque fly fishing reel is the workhorse of the Galvan lineup. Featuring the solid Torque drag system for maintenance free, self-lubricating, and near-frictionless performance, it is perfect for fighting hard-pulling saltwater species, but can be adjusted to the exact resistance desired for tippet protection when using light gear for trout. The large arbor design reduces line coil memory while not in use and offers great line pickup for those times the fish runs straight towards your feet. Enjoy the lightweight feel from the abundant porting featured on the Torque, while the EZ Grip handle allows fly anglers to grab quickly when a target climbs on. Experience the fine craftsmanship found in Galvan Torque fly reels. T2 anodizing for excellent corrosion protection Maximum porting for weight reduction microTune drag knob for a precise adjustment.

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9/19/2017 6:04:08 am

Beautiful reel!


I think these are the finest reels in their class. I have the torque in a 4/5 on a 5wt 9' Loomis NRX-lp. Its the finest reel I have ever owned. Light, strong and stiff. It has a smooth powerful sealed drag. Stripping is easy and virtually zero start up inertia. Spool changes are easy too.

10/26/2017 12:49:06 pm

Awesome reel

Eric Bloom

I just got my second, a T-6 (orange) which goes on a Scott Radian. They are beautiful crafted reels made to last, and have a really smooth strong drag. While not the lightest reel out there, the lighter ones are all very fragile and have much lighter drags.

11/2/2017 4:25:07 am

Best reel made


I have a T-5 and a T-6. The Torque is The Best reel made. Perfectly balanced its also the strongest reel made and has the best strength/wt. ratio. It has an insanely powerful 15 lb. drag and smooth as silk even at the highest settings. It has the best drag knob and range. They also come in cool colors that they dont charge more for. There are lighter reels. I tried them, but they wont last; you'll be sending them back to Lamson after the slightest fall..

11/2/2017 6:00:18 pm

Love it

Mosquito Harry

Its the perfect fly reel. I have several and have never for one second regretted buying any of them.

2/21/2018 3:25:20 am

Possibly my favourite reel


A great reel. Smooth drag, decent size spool. Great for light trout outfits

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