Fly Fishing Gear for Trout

The sport of fly fishing and Trout are synonymous with one another. Trout are found in various regions around the world and often live in very cold freshwater rivers, streams, and lakes. Each species of trout can be identified by their distinct markings that help them camouflage into their unique habitats. Some of the most common species of trout admired by anglers around the world include Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat, and the beautifully vibrant Brook. The main forage food for most Trout species consists of different lifecycle stages of various aquatic invertebrates such as mayflies, stoneflies, scuds, damselflies, and more. These are often easily imitated by fly tiers, making trout a great target to pursue with a fly rod. Find everything that you need to start chasing trout by shopping the categories below.