Fly Fishing Gear for Salmon and Steelhead

Cast, swing, and repeat. Salmon and Steelhead originate from the same humble beginnings—both species start their lives in freshwater tributaries that empty into the ocean. These anadromous fish species migrate from marine environments back to their birthplace for the purposes of spawning. Unlike Salmon, the Steelhead (trout), will return to the ocean once they have completed their spawn. Anglers wanting to pursue Salmon or Steelhead typically use traditional single-handed fly rods with a nymph rig, streamer, or even the occasional dry fly. Alternatively, anglers can utilize a Spey or two-handed rod to fish flies in the more traditional swing method. No matter how you fish for them, Salmon and Steelhead are revered by anglers around the world for their tenacity and power once hooked. The team at Fishwest has taken the guesswork out of fly fishing for anadromous fish like salmon and steelhead by gearing up right using the categories below.