Umpqua Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin

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SKU: UFM00130


The Ceramic Bobbin from Tiemco is extra smooth, so as not to cut your thread. Not only are they the most reliably smooth, they're incredibly durable. Choose from straight or curved, based on aesthetics. Smooth ceramic will keep thread intact Long-lasting Available in straight or curved.

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9/27/2017 3:30:12 pm

Smooth as silk.. thread.


These are smooth, very well made. Won't tear the most fragile of material. Better tools make tying easier. Really.I love the bent ones!

10/28/2017 8:20:54 am

Strait ones here!


I've been through several bobbins but these are awesome! Really smooth from the thinnest thread to thick yarn. Feels nice in my hand too. Holds the spool securely.

2/19/2018 12:45:27 am



In my opinion excellent value for money and quality. Yes it is not cheap, but it is of excellent quality, sturdy, fits comfortably in the hand and never tearing even the thinnest thread.

3/19/2018 6:17:01 am



The slight bend allows for easier holding and smoother wraps. This is especially true when trying to tie smaller flies.

4/4/2018 9:49:25 pm

Royal Classic


The simplest but incredibly high quality bobbin holder from the company is timko. Threads of any diameter, excellent quality of the tube does not tear the thread! The thread goes smoothly and at the right speed. I highly recommend that both beginners and professionals

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