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Want to feel good about your wading shoes? Get a pair from the company that built its reputation on them: Korkers. Founded in Oregon in the 1950's, Korkers has grown from a basement operation into a respected independent footwear brand, one that still pushes the boundaries of fishing shoe technology every year. The Korkers company philosophy is to do more with less, and that's a rare thing in the age of "more is better". Pull on a pair of Korkers, and you'll feel over half a century of dedication and development with every step. It's those decades of experience that will help you stalk, seduce, and land your next big fish.    

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Dale Martens
Korkers BoxCar Wading Boots - Kling-On
"Better than a boot sometimes."

With felt soles, these are a good option for wet wading in rocky conditions. If you have a big hike to wherever you're fishing, the non-felt soles let you hike and wade in the same shoes. They are also good if you are travelling and want to cut down on the weight associated with regular boots. The only reason I gave them only 3 stars is because the sole cannot be changed all that quickly. (At
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Korkers OmniTrax 3.0 Studded Kling-On Sole
"Good alternative to felt."

I'm not sure anything really beats studded felt for traction in most conditions, but if you can't go felt or studded felt, these studded Kling-on soles work quiet well. Good choice for when there's snow, ice or mud on the ground too where felt starts losing its edge. Love the OmniTrax system. Easy to change out soles for conditions or preference.
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