Brooke Harris

Fishwest Kamas - retail Store manager


Born and raised in Salt Lake City, the mountains of Utah have always been my playground. I go camping as often as I can and never miss an opportunity to adventure with the pup and enjoy life to the fullest. Having now joined the Fishwest Team, I’ve realized my life had been missing a career centered around my truest passions: adventure, fly fishing, and educating others on those very things!

Fishing Experience:

My very first memories of fly fishing were when I was just four years old and would spend the evenings walking the Bear and Weber rivers with my dad. My great grandma Hazel would join us sometimes, and even in her 80s, could toss an elk hair caddis and catch a beauty. I would fly fish here and there with them, but fell out of fly fishing entirely as a teenage girl. Apparently, I had better things to do with my time…

At age 23, I came back into it, and the rest is history. I fished a great deal of Utah, with a few Utah Cutthroat Slams and two IGFA World Records. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of Wyoming’s waters and completed their Native Cutthroat Cutt-Slam. I’ve dabbled in some of Idaho’s rivers and drove long distances to Nevada to chase silly Lahonthans. I’ve travelled to a few faraway places, including New Orleans for Redfish, Xcalak for Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit, Bolivia for Golden Dorado, and I’m adding Iceland to the list in August 2021 in hopes of catching Brown Trout and Arctic Char. Fishing is in my DNA.