Ian Bojanic

Shop Manager - Fishwest Park City


Ian hails from the great state of Michigan, where he spent his youth going “up north” and embarking on other road trips that involved camping, canoeing, and swimming in cold waters. After high school, he quickly left the city of Detroit and moved to the shores of Lake Superior to attend college. That’s where his fishing journey began. Ian started spin fishing for bass and trout, but that only lasted for about a month before boredom set in, and he started hanging out with the “fly guys” and going to Trout Unlimited meetings.

Since then, Ian’s main priority in life has been fly fishing. After college, Ian joined the National Park Service and moved to Yosemite, where he honed his skills fishing mountain streams and lakes. After a few seasons in California, he moved to Colorado to work at Rocky Mountain National Park, where he quickly became the foremost fishing ranger at the wilderness office in RMNP. After his time with the Park Service, Ian found himself in Park City, Utah working in the outdoor industry. He started guiding on his days off a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Ian loves to guide and share his passion for fishing with his clients. When he’s not in the shop or out guiding on the river, you will most likely find Ian out exploring different parts of the country with a fly rod in his hand.

Fishing Experience:

Ian’s bread and butter is fishing for trout, but he will throw a fly at just about any fish. Ian’s stomping grounds, the Great Lakes, have yielded many different species for him over the years including trout and bass. Through his travels, he has also caught golden trout (California’s state fish) as well as steelhead and carp. Ian’s newest obsession is chasing big trout in Northern Utah’s many stillwater fisheries.